October 28, 2021

You Should See Yedu Chepala Katha, But Wear a Helmet.

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​It could not have been easy to make a two hour, narrative film that is completely unintelligible. You’d think they might stumble across some continuity somewhere, but no. If you fed all the frames into a randomizer it would have made more sense.

In the opening scenes we meet a boy on a tropical island that is afraid of women and so kills his mother. Then we watch a strange man play with blood, Then the man forces a woman to masturbate in front of him and then there’s a song, it is Bollywood movie after all. Actually its Tollywood movie, an offshoot of Bollywood but in Telugu. In the song characters all dance around with bags of blood, giddy with new found joy.

Yedu Chepala Katha, was directed, or not directed as the case may be, by Sam J. Chaitanya in 2019. The filming is terrible, the dialogue is terrible, the acting is terrible but I knew I had to keep watching when after 12 minutes of these incongruous and bizarre imagers the screen went black and text appeared that read “42 Days After.” The chutzpah! After what? Where? What the hell are you talking about?

The film continued with more unrelated scenes and more musical numbers until I began to think I had been concussed. I stopped the film after 27 minutes to catch my breath and do a little research before the movie broke my brain.

Wikipedia had never heard of Yedu Chepala Katha but I found an entry on IMDB. Yedu Chepala Kathawas was categorized as a comedy. I felt a hairline fissure creep its way across my cerebellum. A comedy. Goggle translate informed me the the title translated to, The Story of the Seven Fishes.
Apparently the film was meant to be a break out, sex soaked, farce. A very suggestive trailer was released with lots of cleavage, followed by text that read “No women were sexually harassed during the making of this film. # Me too.”

Then the censors cut out all the naughty bits and film flopped. Frakly, it would have taken an awful lot of naughty bits to make this film worth watching.

After reading that it was a comedy, I returned to the movie and the moment I pressed play the film turned dark with vengeful ghosts, blood, and jump scares, Oh, and no fish.

The cinematography was incredibly bad. The entire film was overexposed so everything on screen was thin and faded away into white. The cinematographer seemed to feel that the more angles he shot a subject from the better. The film jump cut to every camera position possible in sudden bursts of movement. I suppose the form reflects the content.


The main plot might be about a man named Sundar who falls in love with a ghost. He seems to be the adult version of the matricidal island boy. It’s all very unclear. At one point Sundar rushes to see his guru, Here is a sample of their dialogue.

Sundar: Guruji, Look at me and say whether I’m happy or not.
Guru: “Why don’t you be happy, except rape you are abusing spirits all the possible ways. But there is some spark in your eye, what is the matter?”
Sundar: “I’m in love Guruji. It’s the same girl guru, that girl.”
Guru: “The one alive or dead?”
Sundar: I proposed her a few moments before her death, after her death she accepted me. I gave her a name Guruji, Meera

Obviously the translation is less than ideal, but even accounting for that, it still doesn’t make any sense.

As if all this wasn’t confusing enough there seemed to be a second plot line involving a small group of thieves who all have a blood disorder that requires fresh blood every 30 days. One of them is named Ravi and if he is attracted to a woman he sees on the street he convulses and then starts biting himself. Then in the evening while he is sleeping whichever woman aroused him falls into a hypnotic state and finds her way to his house where she has sex with him while they are both sleeping. This happens every night with a different woman. Ravi is in constant need of money for blood (I guess its for sale?) so despite his condition he becomes a prostitute.


The Ravi subplot seems to be the comedy part. It isn’t funny but there are lots of boings and whistles when he and his friends are on screen. They may be talking about rape, abortions and blood diseases but the funny sounds make it hilarious?
The title of the film is not completely irrelevant. There is a song that plays when Ravi has sleep sex and the chorus goes, “[Fish, fish dry] [Fish, fish dry] [Fish, fish dry] [Why didn’t you dry?].” The punctuation is there’s.

The plot flops around like a fish out of water slapping scenes around and compounding the confusion for 2 hours and 13 minutes until the screen goes black and you are left breathless and bewildered. This just isn’t your everyday bad movie, this may be hazardous to your mental health.


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